The dopest influencers to follow

The role models of social media. Yes, today we talk about social influencers. The role models of thousand followers. The boys and girls who have a powerful impact on todays fashion. And who always look good on their pictures with the latest trends.

Who you need to follow:

  1. COCO @coco_pinkprincess

This little girl is the baddest of all! Look how cute she is with those granny glasses and rocking a Moschino cap! And she is only 7 years old!
Followers: 559k

2. Micheal @ryustyler

For those who like art and sneakers. This account shows you the prettiest flatlays. This is a legit party to watch with a lot of colors and kicks. We think he is one of the best sneaker photographers!
Followers: 18,5k

3. CallMePeach @0callmepeach0

Who doesn’t love sneakers and ink? This chick shows you the newest and dopest kicks! Take a look at her instagram it’s definitely worth it.
Followers: 31,1k


After all we also like to share some of our favorites on our instagram. Follow @chicksonkicks  to stay updated about the dopest kicks, fashion and lifestyle.